Men’s Team League Info and Signup

The CTA Men's Team League is a multi-line/court format where teams play matches and the winner is determined based on the number of lines/courts won. The goal of the league is to be as evenly matched as possible, competitive, and most important, fun. To keep the playing field as competitive as possible, the captains in the league hold a draft each season to determine team rosters. Ideally, each team will have an equal amount of skill rated players of each level. Each team will have approximately 2 extra players per roster to allow for flexibility in schedules and availability of players. Subs are allowed.

The team draft brings an exciting format to the league where you may play against your friends and get to meet a lot of new players for some fun friendly competition.

The Men's Team League is open to age 20 and older, with ratings between 3.0 and 4.5.

Matches are played on Thursday nights at 6:30 pm.

The Summer season will take place June 18 - August 9.

If you are interested in signing up for the Men's Team League please submit the form below. PLEASE NOTE: You must submit the form EACH SEASON to add your name to the league player list.

View Summer 2018 League Standings


Fall 2018 Signup

Spring 2018 Survey Results

Midway through the Spring 2018 season, we sent out a brief survey to get player feedback and determine what changes may need to be made. Here are the results to that survey.

Additional comments:

More teams added to the league.

Advertise more and recruit more young players.

Home courts.

Arrange a get together after matches (eat, drink, etc.)


Men's League Champions

2018 Spring Champions

  • You Got Served
    • David Beeler (Captain)
    • Ken Brock
    • Tom Carter
    • Thomas Castillo
    • Will Hoang
    • Timothy Miller
    • Mark Sheldon
    • Don Walker