Spring 2019 League Information

Spring Leagues: March 11 – May 17

I would like to begin by saying that I am very excited to be the new CTA League Coordinator. I have been playing in CTA leagues for a long time and am looking forward to a great year!
We are starting the Spring season a couple of weeks earlier this year due to conflicts that arise when starting later and then run into end of year school activities for a lot of participants. We will start play the week of March 11, playing through May 17. Days and times will remain as follows:


9:30 AM
3.5 Ladies Doubles
3.5/4.0 Ladies Combo
10:00 AM
3.0 Senior Men’s Doubles
3.5 Senior Men’s Doubles
4.0 Senior Men’s Doubles
9:30 AM
4.0 Ladies Doubles
12:30 PM
3.0 Senior Mixed
3.5 Senior Mixed
4.0 Senior Mixed
6:30 PM
4.0/4.5 Ladies Doubles
12:30 PM
3.0 Senior Mixed Doubles
3.5 Senior Mixed Doubles
4.0 Senior Mixed Doubles
6:30 PM
3.0 Ladies Doubles
3.0+ Ladies Doubles
6:30 PM
3.5 Ladies Doubles
3.0-4.5 Men's Doubles

Captains To-Do List:

  1. Email Renee McClanahan with the following information
    1. Team Name
    2. Division/League
    3. Captain’s Names
    4. Your selected home courtsYou must confirm home court availability for your weeks of play.
  2. Confirm that you can log into TopDog
  3. Add your players to your team’s roster in TopDog (beginning February 14)
    1. Each captain and player must have an account in TopDog before they can be added to a team
    2. If your team is not listed in TopDog, Email Renee McClanahan
  4. CTA dues must be paid for player eligibility
    1. Players who need to pay CTA dues may contact Laura Israel at or fill out the form here.
  5. Attend the Captains meeting on February 26 (see below)


Directions for entering players on your rosters using TopDog:

  1. Log into and go to your team page. (To get to your team page, go to your “Profile Page” scroll down to the section “Competitions” and click on your team name for the current season.)
  2.  Click Manage Roster, located above the team roster. You must be a team captain or co-captain before you can manage the roster.
  3. Enter a player’s last name in the search field and select Search. (Hint: you can also enter just the first four letters of the player’s last name.) If you can’t find the player in the database, notify Renee McClanahan immediately so that he/she can be added.
  4. To select the listed player, click on the circle to the left of the player’s name.
  5. Choose if they are a Regular or a Sub.
  6. Click Save and search again to add another player or Save and checkout when finished.
  7. Confirm the selected players and click Checkout, I’m done.
  8. Return to the team page as you did in step 1 to view your roster.

Spring 2019 Captains Meeting

Finally, we will have a Captains meeting at Champions Club at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 26. Please plan to attend or have a team representative present for you. Troy Carroll will be presenting and answering questions in reference to the TopDog site. Should you have any questions between now and our meeting please contact me at or (423) 316-9846.

Thank you so much for your work as Captain, and I look forward to seeing you on February 26.

Renee McClanahan
CTA League Coordinator