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CTA Spring Leagues are Here!

The Chattanooga Tennis Association offers THREE seasons of league play to all members who have paid their $40 annual membership fee. The seasons include Spring, Summer, and Fall. Leagues include women’s doubles, men’s doubles, mixed doubles, singles, and round robins. Our leagues are made up of divisions that are determined by player NTRP ratings. Click here for more information on NTRP ratings.

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2024 Spring League Information

Ladies Leagues

  • Tuesday mornings
    • 3.5 and 3.5/4.0 Combo Doubles,
  • Thursday mornings
    • 4.0 Doubles

League dates are March 10 – May 18, register by March 09. If you are a CURRENT CAPTAIN, visit your TopDog team page to update your rosters and communication preferences. If you would like to form a NEW TEAM for Tuesday or Thursday morning, OR need help finding a team, contact Coleen Davis at ctaleagues@gmail.com for assistance.

Tuesday Quad League

  • Tuesday evenings
    • 3.0-4.0 Quad League
  • 6:30 p.m. at Champions Club

This is a fun, ladder style doubles format. Each week you will be assigned doubles courts with players of similar ability level. Each court plays three doubles rounds of 8 games with each of the other 3 players as a partner. Every player will play 24 games total each week. Please contact Lynne Barkeloo at lynnebark@gmail.com for registration information.

Mens League

  • Doubles play Thursday nights
  • 6:30 at Champions Club.

This is a doubles tennis format and consists of standard match scoring rules (2 out of 3 sets with a 10 point tiebreaker). If your team wins, the following week you will move up a court and split with your partner (they are now your opponent), and if your team loses, you will move down and split. This format allows for some fun, competitive tennis on all courts as the levels of play equalizes.

Sign up at https://chattanoogatennis.topdoglive.com/

Seniors League

Singles Leagues (new!)

The format will consist of boxes of 5-6 players of similar playing ability grouped together to play a round robin over the course of 4 or 5 weeks. Players will arrange their own matches with their opponents. Points will be awarded based on sets won. At the end of the round, 2 players will move up a box, 2 will move down a box and 2 will stay in their current box and a new round will begin.

The singles leagues are available to both women and men.

Sign up at https://chattanoogatennis.topdoglive.com/.