League Information

League Information

The Chattanooga Tennis Association offers THREE seasons of league play to all members who have paid their $40 annual membership fee. The seasons include Spring, Summer, and Fall. Leagues include women’s doubles, men’s doubles, mixed doubles, singles, and round robins. Our leagues are made up of divisions that are determined by player NTRP ratings. Click here for more information on NTRP ratings.

Spring 2021 Leagues are Forming

Chattanooga Tennis Association Spring leagues are scheduled to begin the week of March 6 and will conclude the week of May 21, 2022. The CTA offers a variety of women’s doubles team leagues and a men’s round robin/ladder league.

If you are interested in captaining a team in the women’s leagues this year, please let us know.

If you are interested in playing in the Thursday night men’s league, please visit the men’s league page.

Also, if you need to be placed on a team, please let us know that as well.

All leagues questions should be directed to:
Renee McClanahan
CTA League Coordinator

League Schedule

9:30 AM
3.5 Ladies Doubles
3.5/4.0 Ladies Combo
9:30 AM
4.0 Ladies Doubles
6:30 PM
3.0/3.5 Ladies Quad League
If you are interested in the quad league,
please contact Lynne Barkeloo at lynnbark@gmail.com
6:30 PM
3.0-4.5 Men's Doubles